CREATIVE CAREER is one of the premier and trusted architectural entrance-preparation and tutoring studio in Delhi run by a team of qualified and experienced architects, planners, designers and educationists. We at CREATIVE CAREER prepare XIIth pass students, XIth and XIIth studying students for various Architecture entrance examinations which entitles admission to 5yr. B. Arch. Degree Programme in various Govt. and private colleges in India. The well designed interactive class room programmes are aimed at building strong concept base, time management skills, shortcut techniques and developing the confidence to excel not only in various entrance examinations but laying a sound base for further studies in the field.


  • Healthy Teacher to Student Ratio

  • Personalised Attention

  • Student Performance Based Guidance

  • Dedicated and experienced Faculty associated with renowned Architectural Colleges

  • B.Arch Career Counselling

  • Guidance about various B.Arch entrance exams and Admission Process

  • Exam/Course Specific Teaching

  • Extensive and Exhaustive Study Material

  • Regular Assignments & Evaluation

  • Mock tests

  • Online Test Platform
  • Outstanding Scores in NATA Exam (at par with the highest all over India) 

  • Top AIR Ranks in AIEEE(Architecture Exam)/JEE Main (B.Arch)

  • Almost 100% RESULTS and admissions of the students 


OUR TOPPERS-2015, 2014,2013 & 2012(For past 5 years Result details-Our Success)

JEE Main(B.Arch)/AIEEE (B.Arch)





 *Shortlisted in SPAs/NITs through JEE Main (2015)- Mallika Gupta, Priyanka Yadav, Prashant, Siddharth Yadav, Aanchal Grover, Ankur, Disha Karmakar,Shivangi Sharma, Priya Yadav, Dharna Dang, Prabhat Chaurasiya

*Selections /Shortlisted in SPAs/NITs through JEE Main (2014)- Mansi Periwal, Parul Garg, Mausam Jamwal, Sohil Vinayak, Janvi Agarwal, Aditya Ranjan Sinha Roy, Aakash Jain, Agrima Sharma, Nidhi Kalani, Poornima Iyer, Shweta Yadav.

*Selections in SPAs/NITs through JEE Main (2013)- Priyanka Gupta, K.Aprajita, Pranay Dilawari, Anshika Aggarwal, Ishita Jain, Shanya Gupta, Akash Pattanayak, Aakash Dua, Tanmay Bhatnagar, Shefali Singla, Shivam Rastogi, Zainab;

 *AIEEE(B.Arch)-2012 Delhi State Rank-2 & 4 captured by our Students Kabir Sahni and Ramya Khare

NATA(2014)Top IP Ranks-1, 5, 9 secured by our students Mansi Periwal, Aakash Jain, Aditya Sinha Roy

NATA(2013) IP Ranks-1, 7, 8, 10,11, 15 secured by our students Nusaibah Khan, Priyanka Gupta, Parul Garg, Saloni Wadhwa, Aakash Dua, Anshika Aggarwal;

 NATA(2012) IP Ranks-1, 3, 5, 10 secured by our students Kabir Sahni, Shambhavi Thakur, Bhaskar Singh Tomar and Charve Jain

* CEPT Rank-1 (2015) secured by our student Mallika Gupta

 *CEPT Rank-2 (2014) secured by our student Mansi Periwal

*CEPT Rank-2 (2013) secured by our student Nusaibah Khan

 * CEPT Rank-1 (2012) secured by our student Kabir Sahni

 * COMEDK UGET-2013 Rank-1  secured by our student Nusaibah Khan


*All India Highest NATA SCORE(2015) of 155 (average-145) & 151 scored by our students Pankaj Shakiya and Mallika Gupta;

* All India & All time Highest NATA SCORE(2014) of 169 (average-151) scored by Sheilza Chhabra;

Other Top NATA SCORES (2014)- 143, 142, 140, secured by Mansi Periwal, Shipla Singal , Aayush Mishra;

*All India Highest   NATA SCORES(2013) of 146/200 and 144/200  scored by our student Akash Vashisth and Nusaibah Khan;

* All India Highest NATA SCORE(2012) of 151/200 achieved by our Student Kabir Sahni


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Our Success